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That goofy girl  in the photo above with some lipstick smudged on her teeth is me. When I took that selfie, I had a new haircut, rarely-worn red lipstick, and it was movie night with a friend in Hamburg. For this mom of three boys, it took a good five years to find a good hairdresser. Believe it or not, but it's actually harder to find a good hair dresser in Germany, than it is to find a good doctor! At least, that has been my experience in the last eight years that I have been living here.

Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Rosa and I have been living in Germany since January 2007. I started this blog back in 2008 but never really wrote any posts. I just liked the name so much that I "reserved" it on Blogger until it was time to use it. Seven years later, the time has finally come.

I'm originally from southern Canada (sounds funny, eh?). Well, it's true. Windsor, Ontario is the most southern city in Canada ... right across the river and north of Detroit City. North? I don't know how that one worked out (especially when you look on the map), but I guess a compass never lies.

I married a German fellow and followed him across the ocean. It definitely was a bold move on my part but I guess you would do (almost) anything for love. We have three boys born in 2008, 2009 and 2011. We would have tried for a fourth boy (we wanted a soccer team), but we decided that three is an ideal number. We currently live in northern Germany in a small city called Buxtehude just outside of Hamburg. The hubby works full time, while I take care of the homefront and the kiddos.

My priority in life are my kids. When they are taken care of and are a happy bunch of bunnies, then I can work on other things, such as housework, laundry, and occasionally myself. When I'm not at home, then you'll find me taking a German course at the local community college, or giving English lessons to German students. I try to write with care, but I'm sure that there will be the occasional typo.

When I have some free time, you'll find me experimenting in the kitchen. My true passions are cooking and baking. I mostly cook Italian and German dishes and bake a LOT of American/Canadian desserts. My all time favourite is Red Velvet Cake, but I'm still on the pursuit for the perfect recipe. I got my kids hooked on the cake, as well.

I haven't told you, yet, that I grew up in a traditional Italian family. My parents are from southern Italy (Calabria) and immigrated to Canada many moons ago. A seven course meal always brought the family together every Sunday at my grandmother's, and I would always help my mom make a four course meal every night of the week. Nowadays, our meals consist of one-pot meals, with an occasional three course meal, or we do the German thing and have Abendbrot. The important thing is that we sit down together every evening as a family. It doesn't really matter what is on the table as long as we have an appetite and everything will taste good.

Here you'll find authentic German recipes, what German life is really like for an expat, and anything else that comes our way. I hope you'll stick around and read an article or two (or more). Grab a cup of coffee and feel free to leave a comment (they are always welcomed). Thanks for stopping by and have fun! :-)


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